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Home movie of People's Park, 1969

Telegraph Ave, 1980s, just before a Grateful Dead show

Quentin Lee's 1989 student documentary about Telegraph Ave and the unhoused population of Berkeley

Wreckless Eric, "The Whole Wide World," lower Sproul Plaza, 11/16/79

"Berkeley in the Sixties" documentary

Berkeley 1981 stock footage

Stokey Carmichael discussing Black Power at Berkeley in 1967

Berkeley protest (anti-Reagan, nukes, pro-juggling) circa 1982

On Strike: Ethnic Studies 1969-1999 documentary

Rick Starr, "Mr. Astrologer" (1964)

Talking Heads, "Pulled Up," lower Sproul, 1978

Dead Kennedys, lower Sproul, 8/20/78

Divestment Revisited panel: UCB, the Free Speech Movement and the South African divestment movements

Sun Ra - Berkeley lectures, 1971

Myron Ort footage of Berkeley Sproul drummers circa 1967

Scan of 8mm home movies of Berkeley in the sixties

1970 Berkeley riots: A Typical Day during My First Quarter at Berkeley

Hieroglyphics at Maritime Hall, 1997

John Bishop's English 45c lectures, Fall 2008

La Jetee (dir. Chris Marker, 1962)

Tupac class at UC Berkeley, 1997

Critical Resistance conference 1998

Students 4 Hip-Hop present: Hip-Hop in the Park, 1998

Hip-Hop in Sproul Plaza, 1984

Allen Iverson Reebok commercial 1997

Stereolab playing "John Cage Bubblegum" at Mod Lang on University Ave circa 1993

Etsy: 90s raver pants

President Clinton hosting the Chicago Bulls at the White House, 1997

Berkeley street scenes, 1991

Tribute to Home Base/Oakland International Rave Center

Michael Chang "Pump Up, Air Out" commercial (1991)

Sa-I-Gu (dir. Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, Elaine Kim, Christine Choy, 1993)

Stussy World Tribe Tokyo Meeting 1991

Asian American Jazz Festival performers on Chicago public access

(This is Known as) The Blues Scale: Sonic Youth and Nirvana live

Bill Laswell, A.P.C. tracks

Eric Lin: cinematographer reel

Andre the Giant/OBEY as an Experiment in Phenomenology

BBC "All Black: Jungle Fever" documentary 1994

Ken Griffey, Jr for President, 1996

90s pornos soundtracked by Fugazi

The Orb on Japan's Hosono Hallelujah TV special

Explaining the Internet on MTV, 1995

Sleater-Kinney at 924 Gilman, May 30, 1997

UC Berkeley acapella group spring 1998

Henry's Dress live 1996

Berkeley graduation followed by "Take Back the Streets" anti-car protest, 1998

AOL commercial (1995)

Early 1990s Internet infomercial

60s/70s retro futurism stock footage anticipating online shopping

News feature on Yahoo circa 1995

Internet Power! Volume 1 (1996)

trailer for Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon (1985)

Explaining the Internet on MTV (1995)

Wu Tang Nation documentary

Stoney, A Clown Who Rabble Rouses in Defense of Free Speech, Sproul Plaza, Berkeley 2002

"Naked Guy" at Berkeley, MTV 1990

CNN report on Rick Starr and "campus disturbances"

Hieroglyphics "Third Eye Vision" TV commercial

Wu-Tang Clan live at the MTV Music and Sports Festival 1997

Massive Attack "Mezzanine" interview 1998

Rage Against the Machine at Berkeley Square, July 1992

Dave Matthews played over a prison intercom (Shawshank parody)

MC Hammer vs. Too Short debate on Hip-Hop Slam, KALX, 1990

Freestyle Fellowship, "7th Seal," Justice League SF 1999

RIP Mike DREAM Francisco

People's Park Riot, 1990

Black Star on BET, 1999

Madonna, "Ray of Light" on Oprah 1998

Siskel and Ebert review Rush Hour (1998)

Cam'ron vs. David Arquette (MTV Rock n Jock 1998)

KALX: Bottom of the Dial documentary, 1994


Streets of Berkeley in 1969

Giant Robot comes to Canada (1997)

924 Gilman: Let's Talk About Tact and Timing

Berkeley High School cipher 1994

"The People and the Police: Oakland (1974)"

Mike Giant interview (1996)

Meet Me at the Race Riot: POCs and Zines 1990-present

Aisler's Set - Peel Session (4/10/2001)

jeff buckley live on sproul plaza (1995)

DJ Icewater "Mike Aaron and Eddie x Kreayshawn" blend