Issue 02:


enter a world of mile-high hair, high-energy dance music, and underground parties, where names like lynda trang dai, trizzie phuong trinh, and leyna phuong nguyen loomed largest. thai tai grew up in a world of vietnamese americans displaced by war, looking for something to do, wondering what was even possible. as a teenager, he stumbled upon work as a model, then an actor, and finally a singer and cornerstone of the vietnamese american new wave scene of the 80s and 90s. it’s a story of dreaming, chosen families, and doing it yourself.

14 pages featuring thai tai’s story, with original flyers, photographs, and fan mail from back in the day

100 copies total

numbered with hand stamped cover, polybagged with stickers

fifteen dollars shipped in the U.S.


for bulk: suspendyourself